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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tea time - Babies?

***Disclaimer: Before you guys start reading, I really debated on if this entry should be posted or not.. because this may or may not be an offensive post. I always try to see two sides of a story. Okay, so here we go.***

Hi guys,

For some who may not know. I love tea.
I went to this lovely store and somehow spent way over what I expected.. Anyways my little collection that could last me 1.5 years came into use today when some family members came to visit the apartment. It was actually quite fun. I brewed up some jasmine silver needle.. or was it white needle tea? and dragon fruit devotion herbal tea.

They mostly talked and I mostly listened. Per usual, they ask about babies, and when we would have one. I find it amusing that it is the number one topic at every meeting. But I suppose that is the only thing on their minds and the only thing they could really talk about.

I can definitely see why some females are deciding not to have kids at all. One reason may be the responsibility of having a person depend on you for everything. It is quite scary, how can someone think about having kids and taking care of one while they can't take care of themselves? Not only that, you have to be a role model. That little person is going to be looking up to you! They will be watching EVERYTHING you eat, do and say. And, lets face it. The world is a cruel and mean place. Do we really want to bring another human to this earth?

While I understand that side of the story, I also understand the other side. They are thinking: why not have one while you are young and have energy? Or: you better have one now before you start having complications.. The thing is, there is always going to be complications. I feel like pregnancy is such a touchy subject. It will happen when it happens. And to be honest, the thought of having one really scares me. I recently stumbled upon a blog/pic of a c-section. And it literally scarred me for life. For example: I overheard my coworker talking on the phone about one and I just started feeling so sick. I hope, really hope that this image will fade away. I should have never looked at that picture. WHY did I look?

Haha wow, this post totally went the opposite direction of where I meant it to go. I really wanted to talk about tea's and which is my favorite.

Thanks so much for reading!

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