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Another year older..

Hello my skittle biscuits,

I am sad and happy to announce my birthday is coming up! I am excited to celebrate with friends and family but dreading the thought of growing a year older. But that is life!

The past year I have done and learned so much! I am extremely happy with all the things that happened this year. I traveled to many new places, took a Korean Language class and met a lot of nice people, re-started my you tube channel and fell in love with my hubby all over again during our overseas trip.

I also grew more understanding of my parents this year. I don't ignore their calls all the time like I use to. I figured that they would stop calling me so much if I just answered.. and it is true! This also made our relationship a lot better. I never had a very close relationship with my parents but I think it has gotten better. But let's not make this a post about sadness!

I also grew closer to a few friends because they finally have time for me! lol But I also grew further from some. That is actually a pretty sad thing to write and say.. but don't you think that life is like phases/chapters? You grow close and far from people depending on what page you are on. ***FLASHBACK*** That reminds me that I use to have a really close friend when I was five years old. She use to live in the apartment complex above us. One morning, it was very cold and and rainy.. or was it snowing? I can't remember.. so we decided to wait for the bus inside while watching Lamb chop. You know the little lamb puppet show? I think it was on PBS. Then we missed the bus and walked to school and got in trouble when I got home that day.. Okay! Sorry for the detour. 

Moving on to health: My health wasn't too great this year but I am hoping this year will be in tip top shape. I really need to start working out again. Our darn apartment gym is still under construction due to the flooding that happened in May! But I don't blame my exercise habits on my health. Its also due to what I eat and drink. I started to cut my soda and caffeine intake and it is really working. I highly recommend cutting your soda, I know ... it taste so good but just think of it as a good deed to your body. 

So this year, I thought it would be fun to write down a few of my goals.

1. Gain 1k subscribers on my YouTube channel
2. Learn how to cook healthier/more
3. Complete my Korean Language classes.

Well, that is all for this post! Until next time!

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