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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yuno Hana

Mini Review

Firstly, the soap is a yellow round bar with a flower stamp in the front which is super cute! You can use this soap for your face and body. It has an herbal/citrus scent right when you take it out of the box. I noticed this smell was similar to an organic BB cream I have. It is easy to lather and it also made my skin feel squeaky clean. I personally have eczema/ sensitive skin and it didn't cause my skin to break out or itch. I tried to read more about yuno hana and apparently it is made with pure natural ingredients.

Now onto the powder. The box contains two packets of the bath powder. The bath powder turns the water into a light yellow, similar to a lush bath bomb. It also has a pretty strong scent so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that is sensitive to products with fragrances. The powder left my skin feeling moisturized and my body relaxed.

Big thank you to  @0.8l_usa & @yunohana_korea for providing me these product for an honest review

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