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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day by day

June 23, 2015
Hello All!
Today is another day. I couldn't sleep to well, maybe it's because I've been having a lot on my mind.
FYI: my youtube channel is relaunched with a new name: AlwaysonKieu

How clever is that?? =D Let me know if you have any videos that you would like to see!

Anyways, work has been very busy. But I am so thankful for it ~~

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Memoirs of our Asia Trip

June 03, 2015
Hello reader!
Well, I am back to reality.
Just wanted to let you guys know that my trip to Asia was amazing!

We started off in S. Korea (Seoul) and ended in Malaysia. Korea was a great experience and it was definitely the highlight of my trip. We decided to not go on a tour and just wander the streets of Seoul. 

The first day, I woke up at 4 am and nothing was open except for 24 hour places. So we decided to get breakfast at McDonalds and then we went back to our hotel and used the free breakfast buffet vouchers. The buffet was small but had everything we could ask for. Kimchee, fried rice and hash browns. After that, we walked to the Palace. The weather was really nice, the sun was out and there was a light breeze. On the way there, we saw some monuments and they were setting up for a flea market. With various items like books and dishware lining the road down to the Gyongbokgong palace. We were actually one of the first people to enter the palace that day. So it was great that we could get shots in without people in the background. We were lucky enough to catch the changing of the guards ceremony when we were leaving. The performance really made you feel like you were back in the olden times. They had instruments playing and guards dressed up in traditional robes. 

After the palace I think we walked in circles for a bit and decided to go find Ssamziegil. We found it in Insadong and walked all the way to the top. It was already so crowded with people I didn't stop at any stores. But the roof had a place where you could hang a tag and it would be there forever! There must have been a million tags! We also found the Goguan studio to take pictures in a Hanbok. I chose a hot pink skirt with a teal jacket. It made me feel so pretty! The picture they selected for me wasn't my favorite. But I was too lazy to complain, also I was pretty satisfied with my selfie pictures.

For lunch we grabbed some street food! It was pretty good, I picked a sausage stick and Brian picked a fishcake and ddokboki stick. Only 2 won each! After that we went back to the hotel, and decided to take a nap. But the nap was 5 hours long! I guess we were still trying to adjust our sleeping schedule. 
After our nap we decided to venture out in search for food! We walked out and went down a street and found korean bbq. The owner came out to help us order since their menu was all in korean. It was delicious! We had half and order of beef skirt and pork neck and a soup. The rice was so good and the dipping sauce for the beef was a great compliment. 

Will continue with day 2 on my next post!