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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Giveaway - Makeup and Beauty items from Gen Beauty

February 25, 2016
Hi skittle biscuits!
I am proud to announce that I am hosting my first giveaway to thank all my amazing subbies. You can enter my giveaway here: Makeup Giveaway

1. Must be subscribed and confirmed through Gleam.io

2. Only one winner

3. Must be 18+ and in the United States, sorry to those who live else where T__T

4. Giveaway will end on 3/16/2016 at 12 midnight (pacific time). Winner will be announced on 3/17/16.

And here are the items:

1. Tarte best in faux
2.Crown brushes travel set
3. Pur-lisse eye adore serum
4. Absolute New York Velvet Lippie
5. 2x hair chalk by Nume (pink and green)
6. Pacifica Kale Detox Face Wash
7. Eva Nyc Hair Mask
8. Juice Beauty CC Cream
9. Essence Mascara
10. PIXI lip balm

Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

January 2016 Favorites!

February 17, 2016
Hello my cute biscuits!
Looks like I won't be getting a January favorites video out on my channel this month. But I thought I could write a blog post about it. I have 2 beauty items and one korean drama series to share. So here we go!


1. Skin Inc. Pure Revival Peel - This stuff is made out of magic. You will instantly feel the difference of your skin right after you use this product. So this product is a bit weird, you apply it and you start rubbing in circular motions, and you will start to feel these little balls of product/skin come off! I couldn't believe it because I have read some reviews about a similar product: the "Cure Natural Aqua- exfoliator" and some people said it's just a scam, that it's just the product rubbing off your skin, kind of like a glue. But how can you explain the baby's butt softness of my face??
Skin Inc - Pure Revival

2. Clark's Botanicals - Deep Moisture Mask

Okay guys, this thing smells SO good. I am so in love with the smell!! This product is so great because you can use a lot of the product as a mask or just enough as a mositurizer. I am so glad this came in my December ipsy bag because my dry skin was getting so annoying. I use this at night before I sleep. The only downside with the product is the price. Don't forget I warned you the scent is so addicting! Clark's Botanical s - Deep Moisture Mask

Korean Drama:

My favorite drama this month is Reply me: 1988. I know this drama may look old and corny. But hey.. I love corny things. And this drama has so many more layers. It's more than just a love triangle. It's complex but easy to understand and follow. It kept me guessing and I just love to see the fashion and style during that time. So yes, please check out this drama if you haven't already. It has a cute story line! Also, Hyeri from A-pink plays the main lead female, and I think she did a really good job.

That's all for now! Until next post,

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines - before and after!

February 15, 2016
Hello skittle biscuit!

Valentines day is just around the corner. I know this holiday shouldn't be about gifts but it is so hard to get caught up with the commercial side of this holiday. What is important though, is spending time with the ones you love. I've come to a point in my life where I have everything I need, shelter, food and love.

So I came up with a plan, I've been watching a lot of YouTube DIY gift ideas and they are all so creative and cute. I am combining a few of my favorite ideas and putting it into one. I hope he will like it, and it will also give us a chance to spend more time with just the two of us. Because honestly, we rarely do that anymore, unless we are potato-ing around the house.

Oh quick side story, do you guys remember when we handed out those little cards and candies during valentines? I use to read every card and assign them to the appropriate person in my class. It all seems so silly now. But it's still fun to look back and reminisce.

I couldn't ask for more. We had a really great valentines day since I wasn't expecting much. I received a hand folded rose and chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. I am so happy he remembered that I had requested a couple weeks before. I also presented my handmade gift of date ideas in a jar. We spent our Sunday enjoying each other's company. We were actually quite productive. Cleaned up the apartment a little and went to Ikea to get two little end tables for our printer. Sometimes it the simple things that count and matter in life.

Well, goodbye for now, until next time!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Discouraged - finding strength

February 10, 2016
Dear Somebody,

I hate to write about these things but I get so depressed looking at numbers on youtube. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for my fellow friends on there but I feel like I am not as popular. I try to tell myself, hey, this channel is for YOU. To capture life and memories. But maybe I need to change my point of view?

I was listening to Michelle Phan's periscope and she was talking about how we shouldn't look at numbers and she just gave me the best PEP talk I could ever ask for. I can't believe we live in a world where we can connect with such influential people. You guys don't understand, I look up to her so much. I've been watching her since the beginning days when she was doing makeup tutorials in her bathroom. I remember I would watch the winter white makeup over and over again. lol..

I've also found a great community that is helping me gain confidence in my videos.


By the way, here are pics of red pockets. lol just playing around with the layout and stuff.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Tea Ceremony, Happy Year of the Monkey!

February 08, 2016
Hi guys,
This entry is inspired by my cousins upcoming tea ceremony this weekend.
I am so excited to announce that I will be doing her hair and makeup! I will try to take some pictures and hopefully I will remember to post them here. hehe

Traditionally, the tea ceremony would take place at both the bride and grooms house. But this is very traditional. Most people now will just do it one time in one location. It's usually the place that can fit everyone. Either it be the bride or groom's parents house, the couples house (if they already moved out and are living in a bigger home than their parents) or the actual venue location.

The time is flexible, I think having it in the afternoon is more convenient, but if you are trying to go to two different locations, then it might be a smarter idea to begin early in the morning.

Most of the time there should be food served after the ceremony. If it is done at the home, it is common to see a whole roasted pig brought to the home. You will see the groom's side bringing this along with the other red tin containers. These red tin containers usually have other side dishes, snacks and drinks.

That is pretty much it for now.. if you have any other advice for fellow readers regarding tea ceremonies. Please drop me a comment!

And Happy Lunar New Years! Year of the Red Monkey - here we come!!!!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Generation Beauty!

February 02, 2016
Dear IPSY,

Wowwww, what an amazing experience. Thank you so much for inviting me to generation beauty 2016 in Los Angeles to meet all these wonderful vendors and creators. I never though one room could be filled with so many beautiful and talented people! I still can't believe I saw Michelle Phan with my own two eyes. I wish I would have lined up earlier to meet her. The decided to close the line off at a certain point.

I also got to see Karen and Jaleesa in the flesh!! Next time I will line up to meet them. This opportunity really made me reflect on my own channel and where I want it to go in the future. I never thought of it as any thing but a hobby and a creative outlet. So many of these girls are so passionate about what they did and I was so inspired to DREAM big.

I really loved the venue, it was under this huge tent and it was really intimate. Although, there were times when it was really crowded and couldn't meet with some vendors.

But thank you again for giving me the opportunity. Until next time.