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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A-True Sweet Song Black Tea One Step Cleansing Water

Mini Review ** A-True Sweet Song Black Tea One Step Cleansing Water

A-true's motto is "a true lady, a true moment." How cute and catchy is that? 

First of all, yay! A-true is cruelty-free company so they do not test on cute little bunnies! So.. what is exactly is a cleansing water? I believe this product has the same purpose as mi-cellar water. Which is basically a cleanser and makeup remover in one. It claims to be a one step cleanser and that you don't even have to rinse with water! That makes sense because it is technically water, but BETTER.

Why is it better? Before I used the product, I looked into their ingredients and I am EXTREMELY impressed! Not only is it free of parbens, ethanol, and mineral oil. It contains vitamins and minerals for your skin! like... whatttt? This is THE REASON why I love k-beauty. The products are always taking it to the next step. I am so excited about this! 

The bottle holds 300mL of the product and you only need a little bit of it which is really great! To use this product, you will need to soak half a cotton ball and apply by wiping it all over your face. The smell is very mild and it is barely even noticeable. But if I were to describe it, it is a light floral scent with bits of citrus in it.  


I use a bb-cream on the daily and foundations on weekends or special events. This water did an AMAZING job. I was extremely surprised because I washed my face with water a couple hours before and this is what was left over. With just a few wipes, my face was clean and clear of makeup. My skin felt very soft and clean afterwards.

The packaging is just so adorable. I love any packaging that is pink. The water itself is clear and only the bottle is pink. You can find this on a-true's website: http://bit.ly/2c4AM35

Big thank you to  @0.8l_usa & @atrueglobal for providing me this product for an honest review

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