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Thursday, September 24, 2015

YouTube Scam? - Diablo 3

Dear Skittles Biscuits,

Solicitation. I know I spoke about this in my last post but this is something on another level. The YouTube level. So, it was a normal evening and I was checking my comments from my video's like I usually do. And I come across a comment that asks me to email her back regarding a business inquiry. Now right off the bat, I was surprised because my channel is quite small and why would anyone want to sponsor me! So what I did was I researched the company of the email address to get a better feel on what she was trying to get me to do. And to my surprise, the first two links did not work. The 3rd link I clicked was their main page and it was promoting a networking site for YouTube partners. So, of course I thought this was super fishy. My next word search is "Company Name - scam". Hey, I am a pretty cautious person now after that whole newspaper incident. I found a video saying why I should not sign up with this company and that they just provide you with music and try to get you sponsors while they take whatever percent of your YouTube earnings. And I just thought to myself, wow I cannot believe such a company even exists. Where they claim to do something and take half your money. So yes, this is just another warning for all my readers out there. Everything you do is from your own hard work! Short cuts may or may not be worth it..

Well thanks for reading like always <3


This video is for the barbs out there that are stuck on Season 4 Chapter 9 story for lvl 60 G Rift Solo Completion.  I tried Hota barb, but they seem to die really easily, WW Barbs can take hits but can't seem to put out enough damage.  So I went with the Rend build, as you can see I had a terrible start but didn't want to waste a key ;) so I just kept going, but this build should be able to push a lot further than GRift 60.

Legendary Gems Used: Bane of the Stricken, Pain Enhancer, Taeguk.

All Skills & Items used are in the beginning of the video.