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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The new chapstick - 100% Natural Butter

September 28, 2016
Hi my skittle biscuits,
I am back with another review for the new ChapStick line that are made with 100% natural butter.

I am going to tell you the truth here, I never really liked ChapSticks because it was so harsh on my lips. It was too waxy and hard to apply on my lips. I would have to apply so much pressure to get any product on. It would make them swollen and big. I never figured out why my lips reacted that way. So I was definitely hesitant to try these new ChapSticks.

To my surprise, they were so smooth to apply unlike their original formula. They also last for a very long time so you don't need to keep reapplying. The scent is very light and not heavy on the green tea mint but is a bit heavies on the grapefruit and papaya one. I love this because it's something that I can toss in my bag without worrying about messing up the packaging.

Thank you influester for sending me these products. I was sent these products complimentary for testing purposes.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dry Skin Box - Memebox

September 26, 2016
Hey skittle biscuits,

I love how memebox is always keeping me up to date with Korean beauty trends. But let's be honest, I was sooo lost in the beginning. It started off with just sheet masks because they are soo fun and easy to use. I had no idea what skin type I was or what a skin care routine was. But anyways memebox came out with these boxes that are made specifically for your skin type and for beginners. I wish this was available when I first started!

Wait hold on.. skin types? Yes, everyone has a different skin type. Some of us are normal, oily, or dry, acne prone. It might be hard for you to tell what skin type you are if you don't wear foundations or bb cream. I first realized I had dry skin earlier this year when I saw that my foundation was not blending into my skin. It would just sit on top of my skin and look all patchy and weird. I thought it was my foundation so I went to Sephora and the lady said I was using a good foundation (UD Naked), it is just my skin.

HUGE SHOCK. my skin?? but I wash it everyday...
Lesson learned, you need more than just a cleanser. This is when I started to get more and more interested in skin care.

Anyways, sorry for the side track story but memebox sent me this box made specifically for dry skin!
Inside the box you will find 5 items.

1x Recipe - Slowganic Cleanser - Green Tea
1x Mizon - No.1 King's Berry Aqua Drink Toner
1x Elizavecca - CF-Nest 97% B-jo Serum
1x Scinic - Snail Matrix Cream - 120ml
1x Benton - Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

So let's get into the products and deets!

The slowganic cleanser is in the cutest jar packaging. The cleanser is jelly but airy textured. It is so hard to describe but it left my skin clean but not tight!

Onto step 2. This toner from Mizon is a bit scented but I love it nonetheless. It does make your face sting a bit. Like a 1 out of 10 sting lol. But the sting is kinda addicting. It makes me feel like it's working.

Let me tell you, I use to think toning is useless. But then I realized how much my cleanser was missing. After I wiped my toner filled cotton ball, I would see all this dirt and makeup left over on the cotton. I just felt repulsed of my life and how I have been cleaning my face and not using toner. But yes, toner IS A MUST. It also preps your face for the next step.

This is where I would mask. Either a face sheet or a mask from a jar. This dry skin box comes with one snail bee mask sheet. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. After you take it off you will feel like a new person. I also love to use masks when I feel like my skin is dull.

Next is serums and essence. I like to use 2 or 3 at a time. This box comes with the cf-nest from Elizavecca. A key ingredient in this serum is the birds nest. To be honest, I've known about birds nest since I was little. It would be in a drink or tea and was very expensive to obtain. This serum is clear inside a clear bottle so I definitely try to keep it in a cabinet to protect the ingredients.

Last step in this box is the snail matrix. This cream is the coolest cream I have ever experienced. It is kinda slimy/gooey in a sense. It reminds me of melted cheese on a pizza lol. This cream will lock all the serums in and prepare you for bed or for makeup!

I hope this introduction to k-beauty helped you.
Until next time,

Friday, September 23, 2016

Brand New - Chocolate Shop from Too Faced Review

September 23, 2016
Hello skittle biscuits,

From Sephora's website:
Chocolate Shop

What it is: 
A makeup set with cocoa powder-infused products—from 21 eye shadows to blush and lipstick. 

What it does: 
Transport yourself to the ultimate chocolate shop experience with The Chocolate Shop’s iconic, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder formula—infused into 21 eye shadows, a deluxe-sized Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, and a Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. They’re fragranced with the decadent scent of chocolate and they’ll step up your makeup looks with deluxe sizes of the bestselling Better Than Sex Mascara, Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer, the Luminizer highlighter, and a dazzling blush. It also includes a step-by-step guide Glamour Guide so you can effortlessly create three beauty looks. 

This set contains: 
- 18 x 0.03 oz/ 0.88 mL Eye shadow in Indulge (silvered taupe), Cookie Dough (matte beige/gold sparkle), Raspberry Rose (matte light pink), Sugared Raisin (shimmering silvered mauve), Guilt-Free (matte soft lavender), Tootsie (matte rich chocolate brown), Gingerdoodle (shimmering champagne), Chocaholic (matte sand), Cake Batter (matte soft peach), Butterscotch (metallic copper), Toffee Crunch (matte reddish brown), Lava Cake (dark cocoa/gold sparkle), Honey Dip (shimmering gold), Pound Cake (shimmering pinked gold), Sugar Bells (metallic silver), Mint Chip (metallic sea blue), Jingle Berry (vibrant orchid), Huckleberry (deep purple black/pink glitter) 
- 3 x 0.07 oz/ 0.88 mL Eyeshadow in Dessert’s On Me (shimmering icy white), Glaze (matte white cream), Banana Date (satin soft creamy beige) 
- 0.08 oz/ 2.36 mL Luminizer in Inner Light (pale peach pink/gold shimmer) 
- 0.08 oz/ 2.36 mL Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (matte chocolate brown) 
- 0.08 oz/ 2.36 mL Blush in Chocolate Covered Strawberry (dark pink) 
- 0.17 oz/ 5.02 mL Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer 
- 0.16 oz/ 4.73 mL Melted Chocolate Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Milkshake (nude cocoa ink) 
- 0.17 oz/ 5.02 mL Better Than Sex Mascara 
- Step-by-step how-to Glamour Guide 

What it is formulated WITHOUT: 
- Parabens 
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

What else you need to know: 
These products are cruelty-free and free of gluten.


Honestly, I was scared I wasn't going to love this palette because of the negative reviews that it has been getting. The packaging is made out of cardboard but it is still so adorable. The chocolate scent is still the same as the original chocolate bar. Most of the shadows are very good except for maybe 3-4 which were patchy. Tootsie and Huckleberry were definitely patchy.
I love the shimmery shadows because they show up nice on my skin. I love that it came with deluxe samples of the shadow insurance and mascara because I've never tried them before.
Overall, this makes an amazing gift for a makeup lover! I would love to get this as a gift. This is definitely a great collector item!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cute backpacks for fall season - Pacsun

September 20, 2016
Hello skittle biscuits,
As you may or may not know. I've been obsessed with my Rebecca Minkoff backpack. And although I love it to bits, it might be too brightly colored for the fall/winter season. Here are some that I have been eyeing. Which one is your favorite?

 this backpack is sooo adorable, even though it is a light blue color, the corduroy fabric is perfect for fall.

this next one is simple and chic. although I am not a black clothing type of person, the silhouette is absolutely the cutest thing ever. I wouldn't recommend this for books because of the drawstring top but would be perfect for running errands! This bag comes in 3 colors black, pink and white!

this last one screams fall to me. the burgundy shade is the ultimate autumn color to me. Feminine but muted.

Until next time!!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

What would Kieu wear - Casual Weekend

September 19, 2016
Hey guys!
I wanted to do a new blog series where I featured what I would wear depending on the occasion or situation.

So my first inspired outfit is what I would wear on a casual weekend:

This is a comfy but cute ringer tee from francesca's and the pinapple embellishment is just the most adorable thing ever!

Next I would pair it with this white eyelet lace shorts since it's still pretty hot and humid in Houston.

For my feet, I think these cute wedges would tie the look together making it less casual and more put together.

Then I would finish off the look with this trendy choker. Which I really love because it's dainty!

Let me know what you would wear on a casual weekend or if you need help putting an outfit together! I'd love to help!

Until next time,

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream - Review

September 08, 2016
Hello Hello my cuties,

The Ladykin brand is free of parabens and made with eco-friendly ingredients! I love how dense and moisturizing this is. The texture is incredibly thick and creamy and great for those of us with dry skin/ dry patches. Although I didn't find that it instantly made my skin brighter, I still found it very hydrating. I love how it comes with a little spatula as well so you don't have to stick your finger in the jar. The only downfall is the initial scent. However, the fragrence does fade. I don't recommend this to anyone who has a sensitive nose. Other than that, this is a great repair cream for your nightly routine.

Thank you @0.8l_usa for giving me the opportunity to try this repair cream.

#ladykin #vanpricream #skincare #meetunni #cosmetic #08L

You can find this product at membox as well!

Use my affiliate link to get 20% off your first purchase - http://bit.ly/2azvy9G

Thursday, September 1, 2016


September 01, 2016
Hi cuties,

In today's post I have another korean beauty product review! This is the milky jelly toning essence from the brand Half Moon Eyes.

Their packaging is the cutest thing ever! With their bubble letters and their cartoon fruit on the front. Who could possibly say no? The first claim that peaked my interest is the sebum control! I hate to admit it but I have sooo many white heads on my nose. And it's due to my skin creating sebum! EW. As I did my research on this product, I found that it is made from fig extract which is rich in vitamin c and minerals. The great thing about this is that it's a 3-in-1 product. Your toner AND essence is in this 180 mL bottle.

To use this toner/essence, it is recommend to shake the bottle so that the contents can be distributed evenly when you put it onto your cotton pad. After wiping it all over my face I noticed that it dried completely and also felt like a powder was on my face. It turns out that it has silica powder in it! I think that is what controls the sebum. So that was pretty cool and interesting. You can use this product as a face mist by putting it into an empty spray bottle or even as a face mask.

Overall I really enjoyed this product! I would recommend this toner to people who have oily skin because of the silica powder. Thanks and until next time!


Thank you @0.8l_usa and @halfmooneyes for for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful mask. 

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