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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Toms! - one for one // What would Kieu wear (boot edition)

October 19, 2016
Hey skittle biscuits,
I am back with another style/fashion post.
Although it is still quite warm here in tejas! Here are my picks for boots this fall!

OH MY GOSH, how cute is this little bootie? This is probably the only time when I approve of black and brown together. It is designed in full-grained leather. It has a zipper on the back for easy slip on and off. And the tassle adds a little extra something to this sleek design. Pair it with a cuffed jean or skirt and you are good to go!

Next is this colorful pick. Perfect for those colder days. This boot was inspired by a trip to the highlands in Nepal. It is designed in suede with faux shearling lining. 

And here is my last pick. I actually have a pair similar to these, except it is a wedge instead of the block heel. I absolutely love the design. It is elegant yet simple. This boot is accented with pieced suede. 

I hope you enjoyed my picks!! Remember Toms is a one for one company. It is non-profit and with every purchase you make, that will help another person. 

"Through your purchases, TOMS helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth and
bullying prevention services to people in need."
Read more: http://www.toms.com/improving-lives

Until next time!!

Links are affiliated. <3 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Secret Key - Eyebrow Tattoo

October 17, 2016
Hey skittle biscuits!

I am back with another review. This is for the eyebrow tattoo from secret key. It is a semi-permanent tattoo that will last a couple days before it starts to fade. So it's perfect for us lazy folk!

The product is a little difficult to apply but gets easier the more you use it. I recommend starting from the middle of your brow and move to the end and finish the front of your eyebrows with the remaining product on the wand. Then you just wait for 2 hours for it to do it's magic! The most important part is to wait at least 2 hours before you try to peel it off! I love how it looks super natural.

I hope this was helpful! You can find this product @cupidrop.official.

Thank  you cupidrop for sending me this product to test and review!

@cupidrop.official #cupidrop #secretkey #beautifulpioneer

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Secret Key Contour stick (hilighter)

October 16, 2016
Hey skittle biscuits,

Hope you are having an amazing evening! Here is my short mini review on the highlighter contour stick from secret key.

There are 4 contour shades available. #2 is pink coral, #3 is shading medium, #4 shading dark and the last one I have is #1 Highlighting soft beam. The product comes in a sleek black package and is in 6.5 grams. With the first swipe, I have to admit that it didn't show too well. But after 2nd swipe it was gorgeous!! I think it just needed that first swipe to remove the that invisible protective film.

I really like the size and convenience of the packaging because you don't to carry a brush to apply the highlighter! This highlighter is creamy and easy to apply after you remove that first layer.

Also, the silica ingredients gives it a creamy soft texture and its super comfortable on your skin. I hope this review was helpful!! Thank you @cupidrop.official for sending me this product! 

#cupidrop #secretkey #beautifulpioneer 

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

What would Kieu wear - Outer wear

October 06, 2016
Hey skittle biscuits,
Just wanted to announce that Pacsun is having a huge sale right now. With the code "stockup" you will receive 30% off! So here are some of my outwear picks for this season:

Bomber jackets are so in right now. I love this light pastel pink because it's so girly and feminine. Although it is still warm in my location. This would be my go-to jacket. ADORBS

Next trend are denim jackets. This was quite a hit during summer and it's going to follow us to the autumn. This jacket is great because it's already distressed so you don't have to break it in. Honestly, that is the most annoying thing about brand new denim pieces. Is breaking them in, luckily these are already done and ready to wear!

This last pick is ohhhh so comfy. Perfect for those chilly evenings where you want to wear your blanket around, but apparently it's not socially accepted. LOL Love this burgundy shade for autumn and the front kangaroo pocket for your battery charger to play pokemon-go and keep cozy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy fashion as much as I do.
Until next time!

p.s. Some links are affiliate links.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

October 05, 2016

Hello skittle biscuits,

I hope you are doing well. If you didn't realize by now, I am a huge foundation person. From BB creams to full coverage foundation, I am always on the search for my holy grail. I know I stated that the foundation stick from Hourglass was my HG, but honestly. It is so darn pricey for the amount of product. Although I still love it I wanted to find something else and so I decided to try the Giogio Armani one.

This bottle comes in 1 fl ounce at $64 at Sephora. It claims to make your skin look silky and smooth. The foundation also offers a meager spf of 20. Although it is low, it is better than none.

Overall, I think it's a great foundation. It is easy to blend and it has medium to full coverage.  There is an initial white caste because of the spf but it does go away. I absolutely love the finish because it makes me look like a k-pop star with dewy and radiant skin. My favorite aspect is that it is very lightweight and not heavy on my skin and face.

A minor con is that It's not very long-wearing because it was easily rubbed off when I blew my nose. However, it did stay on the rest of my face. I like how there is an expiration date on the bottom.

I highly recommend this foundation IF you have the money to splurge but I would not recommend it if you have oily skin. I hope this review was helpful!

My score is 4.5/5

Till next time,

p.s. Thank you to my friend ant for this generous gift!