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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quick Blog

October 28, 2015
Hello my biscuits,

Today's post is going to be pretty boring. Just to capture what I've been up to. Today I got my car inspection done! I left it at the shop and walked to work, which is right next door. Can you say adulthood is in check? haha Anyways, there is a new law stating we only need one sticker on our car now. So they are going to take inspection sticker off and combine it with registration sticker!

Over the weekend, there was a huge hurricane in Mexico and our area got a lot of rain due to that. It basically rained all of Saturday and Sunday. My dad stayed over on Saturday night and I just cooked steak for dinner. Sunday morning, I cooked scrambled eggs and we ate it with Hawaiian bread rolls and coffee. I can tell he was pretty hyper after that coffee because he was talking a lot and extra loud. lol I felt bad because I didn't want to tell him that he was being too loud but I was also half paying attention to the conversation as well. I hope he didn't notice .. but I am sure he is use to it by now. haha

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. Halloween is on Saturday, I plan to be something cute but I don't know what yet.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dallas - Mi Cocina

October 22, 2015
Hello my skittle biscuits,

I recently went to Dallas and it was a great trip. I had so much fun going to a concert and hanging out with family!

We arrived at night so we grabbed a super late dinner at Mi Cocina. The wait wasn't too bad, maybe 10-15 minutes since we opted for first available. Our table was nice and quiet and the waiter was very patient with us. We had the hurricane margarita's and I would highly recommend that drink. It was a bit on the strong side but tasted a lot better after you mix it up a little. Like most tex-mex places, they served chips and salsa. Their salsa was really good, but it was very spicy as well! So just a warning to those of you who don't eat spicy foods. We also got their queso with ground beef. It was hot cheesy goodness! lol. I think I ate wayyyy to many chips so by the time our fajitas came out, I was pretty full. Their fajitas were beautifully presented on a sizzling plate with all the sides toppings in little bowls. In the end, we were too full to finish our food.

Overall, I would definitely come back! I just love the location of this restaurant. It's in the middle of everything.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Breckenridge - Travel Diary

October 16, 2015

Hello Biscuits,

Welcome back! Okay so this post is going to be about my experience in Breckenridge!
First thing, Breckenridge is a lovely town with beautiful landscaping. During your drive there from the airport, you will feel you ears start to pop because you are going higher in elevation. Please remember to bring some kind of aspirin because my head was pounding from all the pressure. haha sorry about that but I just wanted to be truthful and make your trip the best it could be. But with the head pressure aside, the town is so cute with little stores and such lining the streets. You will also see a little snow tubing area before you reach the town. I believe that was about 15-20 minutes before we reached our townhouse. So back to driving into town, you will be curving in and out of the mountain side which is really cool because you will see amazing views as you get higher and higher. I was lucky enough to see a ram!

Our townhouse was great, even though it was a bit difficult to find with google maps, our host had really good directions available. The place was supplied with plenty of blankets, sheets and everything we needed to know about the area. The shuttle buses run about every 20 minutes however it can run late sometimes so make sure you bundle up when you head out there.

So being my first time, I only bought 2 day pass for the lift. To be honest, I was so sore after the first day, I didn't want to go back out the 2nd day. But we kind of forced ourselves to go out there. It was really worth it because we went on the Bonanza trail. To get to this trail, you will need to go up the Mercury lift and let me warn you guys beforehand, the lift is sooooooo long and it gets pretty cold so make sure you jacket is zipped up before you get on this lift. Luckily, there was a leg rest for your board because on the green trails, your board is just handing mid-air and it can get pretty heavy. Alright, so once I got on top of the peak, I looked down at the mountain/trail and said to myself there was no way I am going down this steep thing! It took about 15 minutes to gain the courage to start. lol. Boy, just thinking of it right now makes my palms sweat and my stomach float! So, after going down a bit, it wasn't too bad, this trail was perfect because it was marked as a slow trail and it wasn't as crowded as the green beginner's trail and it was also way easier to go down since there is a lot of gravity. So at first it can be daunting but definitely give it a try! I am so happy I can say that I went on a blue trail and I didn't fall off the lift when I was getting off.

Funny side story, when we were trying to drive out to get our groceries, our rental car was stuck in the snow. We had to wait for the morning time when it warmed up a bit to push the car out of the ice and up the driveway ramp. Please remember to have everyone get out of the car before you try to push! lol

The last day was a snowy day, me and hubs stayed in the house since we were so sore, we didn't bother to go out and explore the town. We had lots of fun trying to start the fireplace and watching the snow fall and kpop star on my iPad. It was a fun chill day. Around 4 -5 pm we started to go back to the bottom of peak 9 to meet up with our friends who bought a 3 day lift pass. I think we decided to eat out as well and found a burger/wing place. We also got some souvenir shopping done and headed back to pack and leave.

Well I hope this post gives you an insight into a first time snowboarder experience and I hope you enjoyed the read. I know I had a great time writing and reminiscing.

Till next time my cuties!

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D3 Diablo 3 Static Charge Shock Greater Rift 60 Monk

October 16, 2015
Hi All,

This is the new build that was discovered on the chinese servers.

The build will be exactly like mine, you could use Eye  of Peshkov instead of the eye of the storm if you wanted to use ancient parthan defenders for more defense.

As you can see I still do not own "Eye of Peshkov" yet... sadly after months of farming I have not seen this helm once!!  Nevertheless even without the helm I still managed to plow through Greater Rift 60 pretty easily.  This build is just so strong, it melts mobs like nothing.  If I do find Eye of the Peshkov, I'll be sure to run some 68+ Greater rifts and post those for you guys to show you how strong this build is.

Tips: always keep Shenlong Spirit set & breath of the heavens up at all times (use Eye of the Peshkov if you're not unlucky like me).  Simplicity's strength gem is just OP in this build.

Rolls: Ideal Shenlongs fist should be Ancient/Dex/Vit/LOH sadly I dont have those rolls currently but hopefully find some new ones soon.  If you have questions on rolls for any other piece, just comment below and I'll let you know what I think is the dream roll.

Gems: Simplicity Strength, Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Stricken.

Luv Always,

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Snowboarding in Breckenridge - Saving Money

October 08, 2015

Hello my biscuits!

Today's post is about my snowboarding trip in Breckenridge. I still can't believe that I learned how to snowboard. It was probably one of the most difficult things I have ever had to learn. But once you get use to just standing up, it's pretty easy after that. One of the things that I really hated was falling off the lift every time I got off! However, I did get off smoothly on the blue trail/run.
Luckily, planning this trip wasn't too difficult since I had a lot of people around me that have been before so they told me what I could do to save money and etc.

Saving tip #1:Get a large group and check airbnb
First step, other than buying your air flight there is your accommodation. I highly recommend you to skip the hotel and go on airbnb and rent a cabin/condo. If you haven't used airbnb before, it is a website where people list their homes for rent. You can rent their home for a night or even months. Some places will have a minimum staying night. You will just need to check their description and rules. So after researching a bit, we actually found a town house that could fit all nine of us. Everyone had a bed except for one person I believe. This townhouse was in a great location. It was next to the shuttle bus stop, so that was really great. We didn't have to worry about driving and about half of our group had their own boards so their equipment was able to fit inside the shuttle bus. Warning: not all buses are the same so make sure you watch your head when you get up because there are some have overhead storage space.

Saving tip #2: Reserve your gear
If it's your first time out to the slopes. I highly recommend you to borrow/rent what you can because you don't know if you will like it or go back. Since it was our first time, I borrowed a snowboarding jacket, bought a used snowboarding pant for $20 on Ebay! and I was gifted a pair of googles! As for the board, we rented it from Christy's Sports. You can save about 20% if you reserve online before you go. It's very easy to rent from them since they have a few locations. And the one we reserved at was right by Peak 9 so we didn't have to carry the boards too far.

Saving tip #3: Cook
I know, it is easier said than done. But surprisingly, you may get your food quicker this way too. The first night we were all so tired from traveling, we just went out to a pizza/arcade place. I believe it was called Downstairs at Erics. There food was really good! But the wait line was no joke. I think for a table of 5 it was a 2-3 hours wait! So luckily they had a bar area with some seating so we just ordered and ate there! The next day, we were all in need of some aspirin so we made it a point to head over to their grocery store. Picked up some spaghetti ingredients and breakfast food and we headed out.

So there are three tips to save money during your snowboard/skiing trip. I hope this helps in some way. My next blog should be about the experience itself! Till next time.


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Friday, October 2, 2015

Concealer - Beauty Post

October 02, 2015
Hey guys!

Today's post is about... concealer. I am talking about under eye concealer. I think we have a love/hate relationship. I just love how it brightens my eyes but I seriously hate how it emphasizes my wrinkles and after awhile it emphasizes my dark circles that are clearly hiding under that concealer.
WHY doesn't it work for me like it does for everyone else? I am so confused.. At this point I am wondering if I am using too much or maybe too little.

So after some thought, I whipped out my pressed powder to do a little touch up. And the result? It definitely brightened up my skin again but my wrinkles are still there. I really don't think I can do anything about those wrinkles unless I do Botox or something. LOL! Anyways, what are your thoughts on concealer? Any tips you would like to share??

On another note, it is Friday! What are your plans this weekend? For me, I have two birthday parties to attend! One of them is for a two year old and the other is for one of my best friends. I hope they like their gifts. Funny side story is that I kind of ran out of paper for one of the gifts so I did my best with the little paper I had to work with. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't stop dreaming!


P.S. I am still getting telemarketing calls, AND I still believe its because the newspaper sold my information.

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