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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Newspaper Marketing Rant

Hey biscuits!
Today's post is a silly story of mine but in fact it made me really angry.

The other day I was at the grocery store and they usually don't have any promotions in the entrance, but today they did. For a gift certificate to the grocery store! Please note that I rarely enter giveaways because I know that they are scams and just a way for marketing companies to get your information. But because this was my neighborhood grocery store, I thought it was LEGIT. So I filled out my name and number on a raffle ticket. You know the kind that they have at carnivals? And the associate assured me they wouldn't share my information. So after that, they started to talk to me about coupons and so I thought they were advertising me a coupon book. And I was like okay, sure I can buy a coupon book. But something got interpreted wrong and somehow I signed up for a newspaper subscription! Which I wouldn't even read! This is what made me kind of upset, the associate never said ANYTHING about the newspaper but it was my fault as well for thinking that it was a friendly raffle.

So the next day, I hurriedly called the newspaper to cancel and they had a long queue so they had to call me back. Next day, I get the newspaper in my email..
Uh what just happened here? Didn't I just cancel??
So I called the newspaper again and asked if they could confirm my cancellation. This guy was nice, we actually found that I wasn't fully cancelled!!
On top of all this madness, I've been getting telemarketing calls from Georgia and asking who it is when they are the ones that called me!

Okay that is all. Just wanted to post this as a reminder that nothing is free, even innocent giveaways at your local neighborhood grocery store.

Thanks for reading guys!

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