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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


April 17, 2018


Good Morning skittle biscuits,

Today's post is a review for the eye and lips patch from Patchology. This kit comes with 2 set of eye patches and 2 sets of lip patches. 

Inside the set there is a little information sheet with ways you can wear the eye patches. Not only can you wear it under your eyes but you can wear them on your eye lids too! I actually never thought of wearing them on the top of my eyelids but that makes sense because that area folds a lot too! 

My favorite part about these patches is that they are sparkly and makes you feel like a unicorn during your me-time! Also they are sort of a clear color so that it doesn't freak your SO out if they happen to see you. hehe The application for these are super easy, just open the pack, remove it from the plastics and place under or on top of your eyes. I found that they smelled very light and fresh. Making my skin feel hydrated and soft after the treatment. 

I am not particularly a huge fan of lip patches because they never stick on properly. But even with this set, I think it's better to just take a break and lay down to give your lips this treatment. Maybe it's just me and my pouty lips.

Overall, I think the eye patches are definitely worth a try! I rate them 9/10! Price point and packaging is great! I would like to buy a couple sets as gifts. I would use these at night before sleep or before you get ready for the day!

I received these from Influenster for free from testing purposes.

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy 5 months Belle

March 20, 2018
A post for our little Belle,

Just wanted to wish our little nugget happy 5 months and I can't believe how much you've grown. I sometimes look at your newborn pictures and wish you would go back to that stage in your life. You're starting to show some of your personality, always wanting your way, loving your carrot puree more than your oatmeal cereal and reserving your giggles for when you're really happy. You brought so much joy to me and your papa. We plan and hope the best for your future but it will always be yours to decide.

Putting you to bed is probably one of the hardest things, you will cry and cry because you want to stay awake but at the same time you are so tired and you rub your eyes with the back side of your chubby dimple hands.

Your hair is long enough now to bundle into a little pony tail on the top of your head.

To our Belle.. don't grow up too fast.

mama and papa

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hourglass Brow Arch - Review

January 29, 2018
Hello skittle biscuits!

Back with another beauty review. Firstly, hourglass always has their packaging on point. Luxurious yet simple. I naturally have full brows but they tend to be a little sparse near the ends. The packaging is similar to a mascara where it has a wand. The dual brush makes grooming your brows super easy because it has short and long bristles to help achieve the look you need. It applied smoothly unlike other brow gels that come up clumpy and messy. After applying I saw that my brows looked even and full. My pro tip is to first brush upwards to volumize your brows and follow with brushing them sideways. Can't wait to share this product with my family and friends! I received this product for free from Influenster!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How I survived the first week with Newborn Belle - Learn from my mistakes

January 10, 2018
Hello All!

I know in the past I've written about my pregnancy journey but I'd love to start sharing tips about motherhood! I never imagined that such a little being could bring me such joy. Yes, she does tire me at times but her smiles are so worth it.

So here are my tips for surviving the first week with a newborn.

1. Have your car seat ready to go. Oh my, it was so hectic bringing Belle home from the hospital. The weather had just began to drop in Houston and our car seat wasn't properly installed. So the whole time we were out there I was worried that she was cold and all the nurse did was tell us that she can not touch the baby or help with the car seat. I was so frustrated!!

2. Have your mom or Mother in Law stay and help. I know this sounds ridiculous but trust me, your body is still healing and any help you can get will be much needed. If they can help you cook or do laundry, that is one less chore and you can concentrate on baby and sleep when baby is sleeping. I mostly ate hot soups and rice since I was pretty much banned from eating anything cold or sour. It's really important that you eat right during this time period because your body has been through so much.

recipe here: Pork Hock Soup

3. Sleep in shifts. The first night home, my hubs and I pretty much stayed up the whole night to feed little Belle every 2 hours. After the first night, we learned our lesson and took shifts. He took the early night from 10pm - 2am and I took over the rest of the night/early morning. It was really helpful that he had that week off as well. It was really great having him home and having that time to bond as a family is really important in my opinion.

4. SWADDLE. You will become a master at swaddling. Babies love to be swaddles at this young age because it feels like they are still in the womb. I found that the swaddle blankets with the Velcro was really helpful. We received some for our baby shower and wow they worked like magic!
Link here: Swaddleme (non-affiliate)

Look at how happy she is!

Well until next time and please let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

January 08, 2018
Hi skittle biscuits,

Today's review is for Belif's eye bomb. Belif is a korean brand and I am so glad it is readily available at Sephora. 

On top of the pretty packaging, my favorite thing about this moisturizer is the minty/cool feeling when I apply it! I felt like it made the fine lines around my eyes less noticeable. My eyes felt hydrated all day and made my concealer look amazing! My pro tip is to use your ring finger to apply because the area around the eyes are so sensitive. I received this product complimentary for sampling purposes. 


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

38 weeks + 1 Day Pregnant // late post

December 05, 2017
Hi Skittle Biscuits,

I was working on this post before having my little nugget but thought I would share it anyways!
Hope you enjoy the read.


I can't believe we've made it this far, but then again they say that the baby usually comes late during your first pregnancy.

Yesterday, I had the worst hip pain. With every move or step it would hurt so bad. And sleeping on Sunday night was even worse because every time I changed positions, it would put so much weight on my hip. Luckily, today I feel a lot better. Little nugget was moving a lot last night and I was having a lot of BH contractions. I am kinda glad I am headed to the doctors today to check up.

I have moved into wearing hubs clothes now. It just fits and feel better. But I can't wait to wear normal cute clothes again!

The other night, hubs told me had a dream about little nugget! He said that we were feeding her inside the car. He was holding the baby and I was holding the bottle.