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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

D3 Diablo 3 Season 4 Greater Rift Level 60 Solo Uliana Monk - AlwaysonKieu

September 29, 2015
Hi all this is a Monk Greater Rift level 60 clear for the Conquest LionHearted.  I know I dont have an Ancient Fist of Az, I just found it last night after weeks of farming and was anxious to try it out, this just proves how powerful a monk is even without an ancient weapon.

Tips: Hellfire Amulet, the top 5 passives are very important, definitely way more powerful than the basic 4, I say it's a must.  Lion Claw & Fist of Az is a must. If possible try to stray from death, as you can see in the video I Dash away after I use seven sided strike then pop my Mantra and Epiphany pulls me back to the mobs.

Items used are gonna be exactly what I have on my build, rolls can vary but if you're curious on a perfect roll for a particular piece just comment below and I'll respond on what I think is the dream roll.

Legendary Gems Used: Bane of the Stricken, Goguk of Swiftness, & Bane of the Trapped.

Cube Items: The Flow of Eternity, Spirit Guard or Gungdo Gear vice versa, Conventions of elements.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Love across the seas

September 28, 2015

Hello my biscuits,

Today's post is about long distant relationships, marriage in particular. So I have a good number of friends and family who are married already. Many of which live together. But I also have friends that are many miles, scratch that, countries apart from each other and they have to go through so much just to be together. And when I think about all the hardships and compromising they do just to talk to each other on the phone, I think it is unfair that the state has to make it even more difficult on them to be together. 

Luckily, everything has gone smoothly and they will be together soon. I am so happy for them and it seems like everything in the end works out. Here is to being hopeful and positive. I am wishing everyone a wonderful week and filled with positive vibes.

On another note, you guys may have already noticed that I have a second YouTube channel up and running. I kept going back and forth if I should really have two channels since having one is already so hard to maintain. But I think it is necessary, especially with with channel being so geared to one type of audience already. Thank you guys so much for all the support and love on my first channel, hopefully I can get the same response for the second one!


P.S. I apologize for the unrelated moon cake picture on top. But it's actually not random at all. It was the mid-autumn festival this weekend! Also, there was a blood moon last night but unfortunately my area was covered by clouds. So we weren't able to see it. T-T

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

YouTube Scam? - Diablo 3

September 24, 2015

Dear Skittles Biscuits,

Solicitation. I know I spoke about this in my last post but this is something on another level. The YouTube level. So, it was a normal evening and I was checking my comments from my video's like I usually do. And I come across a comment that asks me to email her back regarding a business inquiry. Now right off the bat, I was surprised because my channel is quite small and why would anyone want to sponsor me! So what I did was I researched the company of the email address to get a better feel on what she was trying to get me to do. And to my surprise, the first two links did not work. The 3rd link I clicked was their main page and it was promoting a networking site for YouTube partners. So, of course I thought this was super fishy. My next word search is "Company Name - scam". Hey, I am a pretty cautious person now after that whole newspaper incident. I found a video saying why I should not sign up with this company and that they just provide you with music and try to get you sponsors while they take whatever percent of your YouTube earnings. And I just thought to myself, wow I cannot believe such a company even exists. Where they claim to do something and take half your money. So yes, this is just another warning for all my readers out there. Everything you do is from your own hard work! Short cuts may or may not be worth it..

Well thanks for reading like always <3


This video is for the barbs out there that are stuck on Season 4 Chapter 9 story for lvl 60 G Rift Solo Completion.  I tried Hota barb, but they seem to die really easily, WW Barbs can take hits but can't seem to put out enough damage.  So I went with the Rend build, as you can see I had a terrible start but didn't want to waste a key ;) so I just kept going, but this build should be able to push a lot further than GRift 60.

Legendary Gems Used: Bane of the Stricken, Pain Enhancer, Taeguk.

All Skills & Items used are in the beginning of the video.



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Newspaper Marketing Rant

September 16, 2015
Hey biscuits!
Today's post is a silly story of mine but in fact it made me really angry.

The other day I was at the grocery store and they usually don't have any promotions in the entrance, but today they did. For a gift certificate to the grocery store! Please note that I rarely enter giveaways because I know that they are scams and just a way for marketing companies to get your information. But because this was my neighborhood grocery store, I thought it was LEGIT. So I filled out my name and number on a raffle ticket. You know the kind that they have at carnivals? And the associate assured me they wouldn't share my information. So after that, they started to talk to me about coupons and so I thought they were advertising me a coupon book. And I was like okay, sure I can buy a coupon book. But something got interpreted wrong and somehow I signed up for a newspaper subscription! Which I wouldn't even read! This is what made me kind of upset, the associate never said ANYTHING about the newspaper but it was my fault as well for thinking that it was a friendly raffle.

So the next day, I hurriedly called the newspaper to cancel and they had a long queue so they had to call me back. Next day, I get the newspaper in my email..
Uh what just happened here? Didn't I just cancel??
So I called the newspaper again and asked if they could confirm my cancellation. This guy was nice, we actually found that I wasn't fully cancelled!!
On top of all this madness, I've been getting telemarketing calls from Georgia and asking who it is when they are the ones that called me!

Okay that is all. Just wanted to post this as a reminder that nothing is free, even innocent giveaways at your local neighborhood grocery store.

Thanks for reading guys!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

My labor day weekend/ food diary.

September 11, 2015
Dear Biscuits,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. Did you spend it with friends and family or just staying at home and doing some house work/chores?

It's great to have a long weekend. You can relax as much as you want and still have an extra day. I didn't cook too much since it was my birthday but I always worry if what I am eating is healthy! Let's see.. Saturday I had some left over wings for lunch and then for my birthday dinner, we went to a steak restaurant and we had a crab stack which is pretty healthy and a rib-eye steak. For dessert, we had a Totoro cake from Six Ping! It was a vanilla cake filled with fruit and egg pudding.

On Sunday, we had lunch at the mall food court and some ramen at Tiger Den for dinner. Our dinner was really good. It's been awhile since we ate Ramen so it was a nice eat some nice noodle soup. The ramen was easy to eat because the noodles were just the right texture (not too soft and not too chewy) and the broth just made my body feel like a noodle in chicken noodle soup. An interesting side note: we had a legit Japanese guy sit next to us and he ordered in Japanese to the waiter! I somehow felt like I was in another country, far away from home for just that second.

Monday was a frustrating day. It started off with cooking soft boiled eggs but I couldn't get the egg to peel nicely. So I looked up instructions and cooked it again. Still no luck. We had a late lunch with a friend and that was delicious!! We ordered a dozen raw oysters on the shell and a fried seafood platter.

For my ending note, I want to thank my husband, family and friends for wishing me a happy birthday. I know it can be so trivial but it can make you feel so warm knowing that you are remembered and surrounded by people who care about you. Especially this year when I felt quite blue about turning a year older.


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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another year older..

September 02, 2015
Hello my skittle biscuits,

I am sad and happy to announce my birthday is coming up! I am excited to celebrate with friends and family but dreading the thought of growing a year older. But that is life!

The past year I have done and learned so much! I am extremely happy with all the things that happened this year. I traveled to many new places, took a Korean Language class and met a lot of nice people, re-started my you tube channel and fell in love with my hubby all over again during our overseas trip.

I also grew more understanding of my parents this year. I don't ignore their calls all the time like I use to. I figured that they would stop calling me so much if I just answered.. and it is true! This also made our relationship a lot better. I never had a very close relationship with my parents but I think it has gotten better. But let's not make this a post about sadness!

I also grew closer to a few friends because they finally have time for me! lol But I also grew further from some. That is actually a pretty sad thing to write and say.. but don't you think that life is like phases/chapters? You grow close and far from people depending on what page you are on. ***FLASHBACK*** That reminds me that I use to have a really close friend when I was five years old. She use to live in the apartment complex above us. One morning, it was very cold and and rainy.. or was it snowing? I can't remember.. so we decided to wait for the bus inside while watching Lamb chop. You know the little lamb puppet show? I think it was on PBS. Then we missed the bus and walked to school and got in trouble when I got home that day.. Okay! Sorry for the detour. 

Moving on to health: My health wasn't too great this year but I am hoping this year will be in tip top shape. I really need to start working out again. Our darn apartment gym is still under construction due to the flooding that happened in May! But I don't blame my exercise habits on my health. Its also due to what I eat and drink. I started to cut my soda and caffeine intake and it is really working. I highly recommend cutting your soda, I know ... it taste so good but just think of it as a good deed to your body. 

So this year, I thought it would be fun to write down a few of my goals.

1. Gain 1k subscribers on my YouTube channel
2. Learn how to cook healthier/more
3. Complete my Korean Language classes.

Well, that is all for this post! Until next time!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tea time - Babies?

September 01, 2015
***Disclaimer: Before you guys start reading, I really debated on if this entry should be posted or not.. because this may or may not be an offensive post. I always try to see two sides of a story. Okay, so here we go.***

Hi guys,

For some who may not know. I love tea.
I went to this lovely store and somehow spent way over what I expected.. Anyways my little collection that could last me 1.5 years came into use today when some family members came to visit the apartment. It was actually quite fun. I brewed up some jasmine silver needle.. or was it white needle tea? and dragon fruit devotion herbal tea.

They mostly talked and I mostly listened. Per usual, they ask about babies, and when we would have one. I find it amusing that it is the number one topic at every meeting. But I suppose that is the only thing on their minds and the only thing they could really talk about.

I can definitely see why some females are deciding not to have kids at all. One reason may be the responsibility of having a person depend on you for everything. It is quite scary, how can someone think about having kids and taking care of one while they can't take care of themselves? Not only that, you have to be a role model. That little person is going to be looking up to you! They will be watching EVERYTHING you eat, do and say. And, lets face it. The world is a cruel and mean place. Do we really want to bring another human to this earth?

While I understand that side of the story, I also understand the other side. They are thinking: why not have one while you are young and have energy? Or: you better have one now before you start having complications.. The thing is, there is always going to be complications. I feel like pregnancy is such a touchy subject. It will happen when it happens. And to be honest, the thought of having one really scares me. I recently stumbled upon a blog/pic of a c-section. And it literally scarred me for life. For example: I overheard my coworker talking on the phone about one and I just started feeling so sick. I hope, really hope that this image will fade away. I should have never looked at that picture. WHY did I look?

Haha wow, this post totally went the opposite direction of where I meant it to go. I really wanted to talk about tea's and which is my favorite.

Thanks so much for reading!

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