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Monday, February 8, 2016

Tea Ceremony, Happy Year of the Monkey!

Hi guys,
This entry is inspired by my cousins upcoming tea ceremony this weekend.
I am so excited to announce that I will be doing her hair and makeup! I will try to take some pictures and hopefully I will remember to post them here. hehe

Traditionally, the tea ceremony would take place at both the bride and grooms house. But this is very traditional. Most people now will just do it one time in one location. It's usually the place that can fit everyone. Either it be the bride or groom's parents house, the couples house (if they already moved out and are living in a bigger home than their parents) or the actual venue location.

The time is flexible, I think having it in the afternoon is more convenient, but if you are trying to go to two different locations, then it might be a smarter idea to begin early in the morning.

Most of the time there should be food served after the ceremony. If it is done at the home, it is common to see a whole roasted pig brought to the home. You will see the groom's side bringing this along with the other red tin containers. These red tin containers usually have other side dishes, snacks and drinks.

That is pretty much it for now.. if you have any other advice for fellow readers regarding tea ceremonies. Please drop me a comment!

And Happy Lunar New Years! Year of the Red Monkey - here we come!!!!!