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January 2016 Favorites!

Hello my cute biscuits!
Looks like I won't be getting a January favorites video out on my channel this month. But I thought I could write a blog post about it. I have 2 beauty items and one korean drama series to share. So here we go!


1. Skin Inc. Pure Revival Peel - This stuff is made out of magic. You will instantly feel the difference of your skin right after you use this product. So this product is a bit weird, you apply it and you start rubbing in circular motions, and you will start to feel these little balls of product/skin come off! I couldn't believe it because I have read some reviews about a similar product: the "Cure Natural Aqua- exfoliator" and some people said it's just a scam, that it's just the product rubbing off your skin, kind of like a glue. But how can you explain the baby's butt softness of my face??
Skin Inc - Pure Revival

2. Clark's Botanicals - Deep Moisture Mask

Okay guys, this thing smells SO good. I am so in love with the smell!! This product is so great because you can use a lot of the product as a mask or just enough as a mositurizer. I am so glad this came in my December ipsy bag because my dry skin was getting so annoying. I use this at night before I sleep. The only downside with the product is the price. Don't forget I warned you the scent is so addicting! Clark's Botanical s - Deep Moisture Mask

Korean Drama:

My favorite drama this month is Reply me: 1988. I know this drama may look old and corny. But hey.. I love corny things. And this drama has so many more layers. It's more than just a love triangle. It's complex but easy to understand and follow. It kept me guessing and I just love to see the fashion and style during that time. So yes, please check out this drama if you haven't already. It has a cute story line! Also, Hyeri from A-pink plays the main lead female, and I think she did a really good job.

That's all for now! Until next post,

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