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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Catch up time

Hello my biscuits!
Wow, It's been awhile since I have written my last blog. So let's just do a little catch up.
Last weekend was quite busy. I volunteered at my local food bank and it was really fun. Usually we end up at the carousel and sort donated items but this this time they had us scan products in! That was super fun and I felt like a total professional scanner by the end of the shift. Not to mention I was pretty sore afterwards too! After our shift, we had a lot of time left over since we finished early so they gave us a tour of the warehouse. It was so great to learn about how they store everything and what their current projects are. After that, we got stuck in traffic because they had closed 3 of the lanes! It pretty much sucked lol

After we got home, we just relaxed at home a little bit before heading our to our next appointment! Our dear friend had a birthday dinner at a gourmet pizza restaurant. The restaurant was okay but what really disappoints me was the fact that they didn't allow his ice cream birthday cake to be in the fridge. wow. So what could we do? We ate it before we ate dinner. lol. After dinner we caught the basketball game at a wings restaurant. They had two large projectors but it was still a bit blurry. At least they were playing the audio! On top of that, our team won so it was a great game to watch! Good deal! ^__^

On Sunday, we were determined to be bums and lay around the house all day. But that got a bit boring so we went home to get our Christmas tree and put it up! It was so much fun to have our tree up and get into the Christmas spirit. Although it is still a bit early! Our tree is white with pink and silver ornaments. It is gorgeous.

Well how was your past weekend? Did you do anything fun?


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