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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Carnival Cruise

Hola Friends!
Today's post is going to be about my cruise that I went on earlier this year. It was a five day cruise, 3 stops at Progresso, Cozumel and Yucatan. I hate to be honest but the trip was just okay for me. I think I would rather save that money to go on a nicer trip. But I also want to give some tips for those who are going on a cruise. So here we go!

My first tip is to upgrade your cabin. We had a tiny cabin with no window, so it kind of felt like a closet. Also to give you an idea of how the restroom is like, just imagine the airplane's restroom. Also a tip when picking your cabin is to pick the middle of the boat and away from any entertainment rooms. This is because if you are on the end or front of the ship, you will feel the waves. If you are prone to motion sickness try to avoid the end of the ship.

Another tip to take note is to plan and book an excursion beforehand. I had full intentions of going on an excursion but by the time we decided, it was too late. The booking counter is limited on opening times and sometimes the excursions get sold out! Of course, you can book outside of Carnival or from your cruise line but we want to be safe, right?

Tip three, bring something to read. You will have no access to internet while you are on the ship. Even when you are docked at the port, your data will be close to nonexistent.

Tip four, try to go with a large group, if you don't you will be sat with strangers for dinner in the formal dining room. Unless you eat at the buffet everyday, seating is open there. There are also restaurants that are not inclusive, so if you want to spend some extra money, you can have nice dates there.

Some great things I loved about the cruise, you have a lot of time to bond with your friends or family. The food is really good, I think it was possibly better than the resort we stayed at in Cancun. I also loved the cost of this trip. It was really affordable since everything is inclusive. The only thing that you need to pay for is soda and or other beverages unless you buy the drink package. They have an unlimited soda package or you can upgrade to include alcoholic drinks too. They also get you by taking pictures of you in the ship and charge a good amount for them.

Well, I hope my post helps you decide if a cruise is right for you or not!

Happy Travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

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