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Monday, November 30, 2015

Renaissance Festival

Hello friends!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and or weekend!
This year, we had dinner at my aunt's house with all of our relatives! It was a lot of fun, even though we were missing the sushi.. lol
Don't worry, for Christmas.. I will request sushi so we won't be disappointed. Other than that, I think my Thanksgiving was really nice. I got to see my brother for a bit since he came back from school.
As for black Friday, I bought a few items, mostly online though. I feel like there wasn't many deals this year and I have almost everything I really need. So I spent most of the time looking for Christmas gifts. I am pretty much done shopping for gifts just a few more and I should be done!
On Saturday, we drove to Lake Charles to relax a bit. It was pretty nice to get away but I had a hard time sleeping in the hotel bed. There is nothing like your bed and pillow at home. On Sunday, I caught a bit of a sore throat and was craving anything hot and in liquid form. Today, my throat feels a lot better. So I am going to exercise later and hopefully that will kick my mini-cold out the window.

I am currently listening to some Japanese pop music! I love to listen to the cheery voices. It makes me feel very chipper and it brightens my mood!

Oops, I totally forgot to talk about the Renaissance Festival, and that is what my title was about!
Well this year, we ran into a lot of traffic while we drove there. It was pretty bad but it was great when we got there! I feel like that weekend was more crowded than the other year I went because the weather was great! The day started off pretty cold but then it warmed up. Luckily it got warm because our friends had brought their little ones and I wouldn't want them to catch a cold while they were out there.

We ate so much food while we were there, we got nachos, which were NOT good. Sausage on a stick was pretty good but a bit oily, and it got my costume dirty... we also got a turkey leg! YUM!! and corn on a cob! (which is my favorite) I usually add the butter with seasonings! Anyways they had the potatoes swirl on a stick just like the one I saw in Seoul but I didn't get a chance to eat it since we were so full! Well let me know if you guys have ever been to ren fest, and what is your favorite thing to eat!

Till next time,