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Friday, October 16, 2015

D3 Diablo 3 Static Charge Shock Greater Rift 60 Monk

Hi All,

This is the new build that was discovered on the chinese servers.

The build will be exactly like mine, you could use Eye  of Peshkov instead of the eye of the storm if you wanted to use ancient parthan defenders for more defense.

As you can see I still do not own "Eye of Peshkov" yet... sadly after months of farming I have not seen this helm once!!  Nevertheless even without the helm I still managed to plow through Greater Rift 60 pretty easily.  This build is just so strong, it melts mobs like nothing.  If I do find Eye of the Peshkov, I'll be sure to run some 68+ Greater rifts and post those for you guys to show you how strong this build is.

Tips: always keep Shenlong Spirit set & breath of the heavens up at all times (use Eye of the Peshkov if you're not unlucky like me).  Simplicity's strength gem is just OP in this build.

Rolls: Ideal Shenlongs fist should be Ancient/Dex/Vit/LOH sadly I dont have those rolls currently but hopefully find some new ones soon.  If you have questions on rolls for any other piece, just comment below and I'll let you know what I think is the dream roll.

Gems: Simplicity Strength, Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Stricken.

Luv Always,