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Dallas - Mi Cocina

Hello my skittle biscuits,

I recently went to Dallas and it was a great trip. I had so much fun going to a concert and hanging out with family!

We arrived at night so we grabbed a super late dinner at Mi Cocina. The wait wasn't too bad, maybe 10-15 minutes since we opted for first available. Our table was nice and quiet and the waiter was very patient with us. We had the hurricane margarita's and I would highly recommend that drink. It was a bit on the strong side but tasted a lot better after you mix it up a little. Like most tex-mex places, they served chips and salsa. Their salsa was really good, but it was very spicy as well! So just a warning to those of you who don't eat spicy foods. We also got their queso with ground beef. It was hot cheesy goodness! lol. I think I ate wayyyy to many chips so by the time our fajitas came out, I was pretty full. Their fajitas were beautifully presented on a sizzling plate with all the sides toppings in little bowls. In the end, we were too full to finish our food.

Overall, I would definitely come back! I just love the location of this restaurant. It's in the middle of everything.


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