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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Snowboarding in Breckenridge - Saving Money

Hello my biscuits!

Today's post is about my snowboarding trip in Breckenridge. I still can't believe that I learned how to snowboard. It was probably one of the most difficult things I have ever had to learn. But once you get use to just standing up, it's pretty easy after that. One of the things that I really hated was falling off the lift every time I got off! However, I did get off smoothly on the blue trail/run.
Luckily, planning this trip wasn't too difficult since I had a lot of people around me that have been before so they told me what I could do to save money and etc.

Saving tip #1:Get a large group and check airbnb
First step, other than buying your air flight there is your accommodation. I highly recommend you to skip the hotel and go on airbnb and rent a cabin/condo. If you haven't used airbnb before, it is a website where people list their homes for rent. You can rent their home for a night or even months. Some places will have a minimum staying night. You will just need to check their description and rules. So after researching a bit, we actually found a town house that could fit all nine of us. Everyone had a bed except for one person I believe. This townhouse was in a great location. It was next to the shuttle bus stop, so that was really great. We didn't have to worry about driving and about half of our group had their own boards so their equipment was able to fit inside the shuttle bus. Warning: not all buses are the same so make sure you watch your head when you get up because there are some have overhead storage space.

Saving tip #2: Reserve your gear
If it's your first time out to the slopes. I highly recommend you to borrow/rent what you can because you don't know if you will like it or go back. Since it was our first time, I borrowed a snowboarding jacket, bought a used snowboarding pant for $20 on Ebay! and I was gifted a pair of googles! As for the board, we rented it from Christy's Sports. You can save about 20% if you reserve online before you go. It's very easy to rent from them since they have a few locations. And the one we reserved at was right by Peak 9 so we didn't have to carry the boards too far.

Saving tip #3: Cook
I know, it is easier said than done. But surprisingly, you may get your food quicker this way too. The first night we were all so tired from traveling, we just went out to a pizza/arcade place. I believe it was called Downstairs at Erics. There food was really good! But the wait line was no joke. I think for a table of 5 it was a 2-3 hours wait! So luckily they had a bar area with some seating so we just ordered and ate there! The next day, we were all in need of some aspirin so we made it a point to head over to their grocery store. Picked up some spaghetti ingredients and breakfast food and we headed out.

So there are three tips to save money during your snowboard/skiing trip. I hope this helps in some way. My next blog should be about the experience itself! Till next time.


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