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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Secret Key Contour stick (hilighter)

Hey skittle biscuits,

Hope you are having an amazing evening! Here is my short mini review on the highlighter contour stick from secret key.

There are 4 contour shades available. #2 is pink coral, #3 is shading medium, #4 shading dark and the last one I have is #1 Highlighting soft beam. The product comes in a sleek black package and is in 6.5 grams. With the first swipe, I have to admit that it didn't show too well. But after 2nd swipe it was gorgeous!! I think it just needed that first swipe to remove the that invisible protective film.

I really like the size and convenience of the packaging because you don't to carry a brush to apply the highlighter! This highlighter is creamy and easy to apply after you remove that first layer.

Also, the silica ingredients gives it a creamy soft texture and its super comfortable on your skin. I hope this review was helpful!! Thank you @cupidrop.official for sending me this product! 

#cupidrop #secretkey #beautifulpioneer 

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