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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Hello skittle biscuits,

I hope you are doing well. If you didn't realize by now, I am a huge foundation person. From BB creams to full coverage foundation, I am always on the search for my holy grail. I know I stated that the foundation stick from Hourglass was my HG, but honestly. It is so darn pricey for the amount of product. Although I still love it I wanted to find something else and so I decided to try the Giogio Armani one.

This bottle comes in 1 fl ounce at $64 at Sephora. It claims to make your skin look silky and smooth. The foundation also offers a meager spf of 20. Although it is low, it is better than none.

Overall, I think it's a great foundation. It is easy to blend and it has medium to full coverage.  There is an initial white caste because of the spf but it does go away. I absolutely love the finish because it makes me look like a k-pop star with dewy and radiant skin. My favorite aspect is that it is very lightweight and not heavy on my skin and face.

A minor con is that It's not very long-wearing because it was easily rubbed off when I blew my nose. However, it did stay on the rest of my face. I like how there is an expiration date on the bottom.

I highly recommend this foundation IF you have the money to splurge but I would not recommend it if you have oily skin. I hope this review was helpful!

My score is 4.5/5

Till next time,

p.s. Thank you to my friend ant for this generous gift! 

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