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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Hi cuties,

In today's post I have another korean beauty product review! This is the milky jelly toning essence from the brand Half Moon Eyes.

Their packaging is the cutest thing ever! With their bubble letters and their cartoon fruit on the front. Who could possibly say no? The first claim that peaked my interest is the sebum control! I hate to admit it but I have sooo many white heads on my nose. And it's due to my skin creating sebum! EW. As I did my research on this product, I found that it is made from fig extract which is rich in vitamin c and minerals. The great thing about this is that it's a 3-in-1 product. Your toner AND essence is in this 180 mL bottle.

To use this toner/essence, it is recommend to shake the bottle so that the contents can be distributed evenly when you put it onto your cotton pad. After wiping it all over my face I noticed that it dried completely and also felt like a powder was on my face. It turns out that it has silica powder in it! I think that is what controls the sebum. So that was pretty cool and interesting. You can use this product as a face mist by putting it into an empty spray bottle or even as a face mask.

Overall I really enjoyed this product! I would recommend this toner to people who have oily skin because of the silica powder. Thanks and until next time!


Thank you @0.8l_usa and @halfmooneyes for for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful mask. 

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