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The new chapstick - 100% Natural Butter

Hi my skittle biscuits,
I am back with another review for the new ChapStick line that are made with 100% natural butter.

I am going to tell you the truth here, I never really liked ChapSticks because it was so harsh on my lips. It was too waxy and hard to apply on my lips. I would have to apply so much pressure to get any product on. It would make them swollen and big. I never figured out why my lips reacted that way. So I was definitely hesitant to try these new ChapSticks.

To my surprise, they were so smooth to apply unlike their original formula. They also last for a very long time so you don't need to keep reapplying. The scent is very light and not heavy on the green tea mint but is a bit heavies on the grapefruit and papaya one. I love this because it's something that I can toss in my bag without worrying about messing up the packaging.

Thank you influester for sending me these products. I was sent these products complimentary for testing purposes.

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