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Saturday, September 30, 2017

34 weeks pregnant & 37 week update

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Hello skittle biscuits!
I can't believe it's 34 weeks into my pregnancy. That mean's only 6 more weeks until I meet my little nugget! I am so excited but worried and anxious.

We still need to clean up her items and organize her area.

I also have more big news! We are buying our first home together. We found a 2-story home in a cute neighborhood and I can't wait to move in. We will need to fix up some things first though.

The hurricane hit Houston a couple weeks ago. It was just days and days of rain and I almost got sick from missing the sun!


It's 37 weeks now! and I never thought time could be so slow. My work leave begins on the 16th and I've got lots to take of before I take my break.

I've noticed people around me are so much nicer and they just smile when they see me.

We went to the doctor's yesterday and she said everything looked good. I told her I was having a lot of nose bleeds recently and she said that it was really common in pregnant women due to the extra blood flow. She recommended me some Flonase and Ayr saline nasal spray and also a humidifier! So hopefully, if you are having nose bleeds too. This will help you!

Little Nugget isn't kicking as much now but more of a rolling around movement. I assume because there isn't much room left to kick! Sometimes she will stick out her arm or leg and I can see it through my skin! It's really weird but cool at the same time. Strange because there is something living inside me but good because I know she is okay in there.

Well that's all for now! Till next time <33