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Monday, December 19, 2016

Korean beauty products MUST HAVE

Hello skittle biscuits,
So here is a post that is highly requested. I am going to go in the order in which I do my skin care, so here we go!

1. Makeup Remover/Cleanser - Banila Co. Clean it Zero.

This balmy cleanser is perfect for melting off your makeup. It might feel a bit strange at first and it is a bit difficult to remove with just water. So, I recommend you getting a little silicone brush and a handy towel nearby to help you wipe off the cleanser.

2. Toner - King Berry Toner from Mizon and my all time favorite right now is Klavuu's Pearl Toner.

3. Exfoliant - Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel from Secret Key

4. Serum and Essence - Skin Miso's Pore Corset!
Although the pore minimizing effect isn't drastic I think it does the job and it smells pretty good too hehe

Laneige Water Bank Serum - leaves your skin hydrated for 24 hours! Loveeee this so much. Reason 1 is that it smells and feels so good on your skin and reason 2, Laneige is under the same company as amore pacific and that brand is sooo expensive.

5. Moisturizer (Lock in the serum's and essence)
Ladykin vanpir moisturizer - This has a very strong smell but I love the texture of it so I really wanted to include this in my list.

Scinic Snail Cream - The texture for this cream is pretty fun because it a bit slimy when you take it out of the jar. But feels like a million bucks once you apply onto your face.

Skinfood - Eye cream

6. Sheet Masks - I have a few favorites and I tend to lean towards more affordable ones since I like to use them so often.

Bonvivant, Etude House and Oozoo

I wrote this post in hopes to help you find your way into the Korean beauty world and hopefully share some insight into products that worked for me.