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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mini Review - Delight 18 Finger Made Lip Balm

Happy Thanksgiving skittle biscuits!

Mini review!!
Delight 18 lip balm ✨✨
Seriously love the light citrus smell and texture. It applies smoothly on my lips. The texture is similar to petroleum jelly. This is a pH lip balm that changes color to the pH level on your lips. It starts off as a clear balm but changes to a shade of pink, which will be different depending on each person. There is a slight tint to this, but still very natural. Pretty much "your lips but better!" 💋👌

This gives your lip a slight plumping effect, I applied it at night and I noticed that my lips were a little fuller in the morning. The cute case holds 10 grams of product, making it easy to throw in your makeup bag when you're on the go! 🏃

Overall: I will repurchase because of the natural tint effect it gives to my lips. It is also the perfect amount of hydration without it being too sticky. I also love how it customizes to your lips. I hope you guys found this helpful! Thank you @08liter for sending this for a review. 🙆💕

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