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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Louis Vuitton - Learning about my new bag

Hello my skittle biscuits!
Today's post is about my new never full bag. I never realized there was so much about a purse that I didn't know. It totally opened up my eyes to another world.

I would always tell myself, that is too expensive and too much money to spend on a bag. But now I realize and understand why people are obsessed with these luxury brands.
Not only do they hold their value as time goes by, but they are also beautifully crafted. This pouch that holds your belongings is a work of art. Each thread is perfectly stitched and evenly placed.

Moving on to the handles, I snapped a picture and one of my friends said hey, the handles are turning. I was so confused what she was talking about. Turning? Is that a good or bad thing? She clarified and said the handles will turn into a honey color. I looked it up and it's actually called "patina."

Patina is the art of aging leather. It turns into a different color, beginning as a light white/yellowy tone into a more honey shade and eventually into a darker brown. Some say that seeing an item patina is a remarkable thing to witness.

Another great thing about my bag is the weight. I usually carry a tote bag to work and believe me. It is filled with knick-knacks. Transferring the same items to my new bag, I was surprised to feel the weight difference. It is incredibly lighter and way easier on my shoulder.

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