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Crossfit - Is it for me?

Heyyy skittle biscuits,
So lately, I have been really into fitness and health and I signed up for a free week of cross fit that my cousin introduced to me.

The site is a little slow and laggy, but just be patient. It is totally worth a free week of crossfit. The first day which was on Saturday, was super good. I kept myself at an easy pace and was still sore for 3 days after. My next session was Wednesday, this workout was definitely harder than Saturdays class. I was basically hobbling when I left. My knee and hip was in total pain from running and throwing this massive ball at the wall. It is now the next day and I am super sore. My right arm is a bit more sore, I think this is due to me catching the huge ball with my right arm more. The instructor reminded us to stretch a lot and don't be afraid to use our muscles even though we are sore. I might go for a light jog tonight.

Is it for me? I shall keep you updated!

Follow up 6/16/16.

Final decision: I won't be joining cross fit because I don't think its for me. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty fun during those two sessions. But the moves were really explosive and I am not sure if the movements are good for me. Particularly my hips and knee felt really weird. Not to mention it is pretty pricey to get membership, almost $15/class!


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