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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

38 weeks + 1 Day Pregnant // late post

Hi Skittle Biscuits,

I was working on this post before having my little nugget but thought I would share it anyways!
Hope you enjoy the read.


I can't believe we've made it this far, but then again they say that the baby usually comes late during your first pregnancy.

Yesterday, I had the worst hip pain. With every move or step it would hurt so bad. And sleeping on Sunday night was even worse because every time I changed positions, it would put so much weight on my hip. Luckily, today I feel a lot better. Little nugget was moving a lot last night and I was having a lot of BH contractions. I am kinda glad I am headed to the doctors today to check up.

I have moved into wearing hubs clothes now. It just fits and feel better. But I can't wait to wear normal cute clothes again!

The other night, hubs told me had a dream about little nugget! He said that we were feeding her inside the car. He was holding the baby and I was holding the bottle.