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Thursday, August 3, 2017

PIT Cleansing Milk - Troiareuke

Hi Skittle Biscuits!

I am back with another kbeauty review!
Troiareuke sent me this cleansing milk to test and I absolutely fell in love. The consistency is similar to a lotion. It applies smoothly and easily with the brush.

To use this cleanser, start off with a dry face and apply it directly to your skin. Wait for 2-5 minutes and then remove it with a clean towel or beauty cloth.

PIT stands for Phase Inversion technique, it means that it changes state from water to oil and oil to water. That is why we leave it on for at least 2 minutes, the cleanser changes from cream into milk (water type).

I know I know, the price is a bit steep! But there is a reason why it is at this price point. There are 2 types of dirt, oil-dirt and water-dirt. Oil dirt can only be removed with oil and water dirt can only be removed with water. Many of us are guilty for using foam cleansers which have a surface active agent which is good for removing dirt but it also removes moisture, making your skin feel dry after cleansing.

Overall, I love how it removes extra dirt after my first cleanser and works well as a first cleanser as well. It does take a little extra time but it's well worth it. I highly recommend this for all skin types, especially sensitive skin because it works without rubbing or exfoliating. Till next time!