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Sunday, August 27, 2017

30 weeks pregnant update

Hello Hello Skittle Biscuits,
Thanks for clicking to read my update! I am at 30 weeks now and our little nugget is moving a lot. Sometimes I can't even sleep because the kicks are getting so hard they keep me awake or wake me up. Actually, I was a bit concerned so I asked Dr. Google if it was normal because she was kicking SO MUCH! I found a forum and they said that it was better if the baby was moving a lot than not at all, so that did put my mind at rest. They also suggest that I walk around a bit so it could make the baby fall asleep.

3 hour glucose test, yes I had to take it since I failed the first test. And let me tell you, it was not fun! I was so upset when I got the phone call from the clinic. We were in LA on our babymoon so I just felt horrible afterwards. I totally felt like an unfit mom and I wasn't watching my desserts. So make sure to pass it the first time when they only have to stick you once!

Some tips for passing, no sugar or carbs for a week and drink lots of water.
I was pretty much hungry most of the week since I limited myself to protein and veggies. I am just so use to eating rice and bread!

here's a snack, spinach salad, with cucumber blueberries and some ranch

I also blame my dad for bringing lychee over the week before my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. UH, note to self and other expectant moms. You aren't suppose to eat lychee because the sugar content is SUPER high.

Well until next time! Leave me a comment if you have any questions!