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WeeklyJ DreamCatcher

WeeklyJ DreamCatcher Review~ Ah! I was so excited when I received this adorable dream catcher in the mail! The box came in a beautiful sturdy box and right when you open it, you are greeted with a cute card saying "You received a good dream!" I love the peach color scheme that I received but they also have many other options available! I can tell that it was with lots of love and I adore how there are little bells attached. I am so excited to hang my new dream catcher up! I feel like Cha Eun Sang from Heirs lol.

I recommend this product to anyone who loves good dreams. This would also make a lovely gift too! You can find this on makingdream's etsy shop! Thank you @makingdream_weeklyj and @.08l_usa for sending this to me!

#makingdream #DreamCatcher #WeeklyJ #CraftArt #WeeklyConcept #08L #08liter

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