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Monday, August 10, 2015

Travel Diary - Singapore

Hi guys!

Today's blog post is about my trip to Singapore. One word to describe Singapore: Clean. Wow, this place is so clean. During my trip to Asia we made a stop for 2 days and 1 night in Singapore and it was definitely not long enough. With only an hour flight from Malaysia, you barely have time to fill out your customs form before you land! The Changi airport was beautiful and filled with so many attractions. Each terminal has different amenities and attractions including swimming pools, gardens and stores. I had no idea the airport was so nice, I would have gave myself some more time there! My favorite was the Kinetic rain installation because it is so memorizing.


On our way to the Bay Hotel, all I could notice was how lush and green the landscaping was. The roads were hugged with beautifully manicured trees and flowers. I still can't get over how beautiful this city is.

The Bay Hotel is a gorgeous place and conveniently located near Vivo City (a huge shopping mall) and the Sentosa Shuttle. The shuttle can take you to lots of entertainment including Universal Studios, the Trick Art Museum and an indoor Malaysian street food court. Our room was super clean but on the small side. I loved the shower rain head, I think I will need this in my future home. Oh I forgot to mention security is pretty tight here, you will need a hotel room key to get to any floor. The television set was decent sized, but it was mounted onto the glass wall of the shower, so it got me questioning if it was safe.. Linens and bedding were clean, the room overall was in good condition. I think the walls could use a little touch up but everything else was good. We also had a mini fridge filled with snacks and drinks.

The hotel also has a small pool area, gym and decent sized restaurant. They have a pretty nice breakfast buffet set up. We didn't eat there because we had other arrangements but if we had another day there, we would have definitely tried it. Well I hope this helps you make your decision on your accommodations for your trip to Singapore. More about shopping and whatnot on my next post!


Driving to our hotel

We can see our hotel on the other side of the street!!

The restaurant has a patio area too!

The driveway of the Bay Hotel

The lobby seating area