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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Merlion Park - Singapore Travel Diary

Hello there!

Wow, first of all, so sorry about the long delay. No excuses!!

So let's continue off my last post in Singapore...Our first call of business is visiting the Merlion park. This is THE landmark of Singapore. We decided to take the river tour boat to explore the area. The boats had a traditional look with its dark wood exterior and the interior was lined with wooden benches. As the boat takes you around the river, you get to listen to the history of the river and you can get a nice breeze in while you snap you pictures. I highly recommend doing the boat tour because it is pretty relaxing and you get to see so much around Marina Bay. The great thing about the tour boat is that you can get off and on at any stop once. So we opted to get off at the Shoppes at Marina Bay. I would say this shopping area is the home of the high end brands. Some stores you will see includes Chanel, Dior and of course, Louis. I didn't do much shopping here but we did grab lunch at their food court. You can find just about anything to eat here, from Indian curry, to Chinese BBQ and soup noodles.

They also have a very large Casino connected. Some things to note is that you will need to show your passport when you enter and I heard that if you are a citizen of Singapore, you need to pay to go inside. We went in to grab some drinks and to just look around. I would say this is one of the most opulent casino's I have ever been too and yes.. I have been to Vegas. It was just so wide and roomy. The casino has 2 floors, the bottom floor has most of the tables and machines, and the second floor has this huge opening where you can look below to the 1st floor. It almost makes you feel like you are the CEO of some big corporate business looking down at the tables from the second floor.


Shopping Malls: I noticed their malls were not as cold as the ones in the US. I was still able to break a sweat walking in the malls, and let me tell you, I usually don't sweat. So make sure to dress comfortably. Our trip mainly consisted of shopping, we did a lot of shopping.. from Vivo City to Orchard. Shopping is everywhere. I got a lot of cheaper items at Vivo like $5 tops and $10 bottoms. Orchard was definitely higher end, with luxury brands like Louis, Dior and Tiffanys. You should probably skip on the Tiffany's because even with the tax rebate, you are paying a bit more than you would in the States.

Okay, so funny side story. During our whole trip we were trying to get match-y couple items to wear. Because, in Seoul, all the couples were so coordinated with each other! So we happened to stumble upon the North Face store. So we checked it out and they had jackets for only $50. We finally found a matching set, he got a blue color and mine was a bright neon coral color. So exciting right?


Well.. that's all for now! Until next time~


The famous Merlion statue

On this side of the river- there were huge buildings~

Curry& Naan