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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Travel Diary - Shopping in Myongdong

Day 2 of our trip.

So coming from US, our sleeping schedule was totally messed up. I was waking up bright and early around 6 am. Boy, was that a big mistake because nothing is really open other than the 24 hours McDonald's. Thankfully they were open because we ate breakfast there almost every morning.
So to waste some time and explore the streets of Seoul. We decided to walk to the Myongdong shopping area from Jongno. The adventure there was interesting, instead of having a big home depot or lowes store with all the hardware and such, we passed by a million little shops. Each one with its own specialty. For example, one shop would have only toilets and the shop next to it would be only pipes. How interesting is that??
Anyways, after getting lost in the open market hardware shopping district, we finally found Myongdong shopping! But.. everything was still closed except a dunkin donuts which was not very good. 
So note to self: stores open at 10-11 am. Don't go any earlier!
Best time to go is during the evening after 5 pm, that is when all the food carts come out and stores give better promotions!
Only down side is that it will be crowded. So take your pick/poison, food carts and crowds or peaceful shopping with elbow room.
Any who, like you may have read in other blogs and such. This is THE place get makeup. Free samples galore, they will do anything to get your inside their store to buy something.
I didn't buy too much, just a few face mask for souvenirs and people watching. I also bought this super cute outfit that I could probably never wear in the states. But it was fun to wear while I was there, I really felt like I fit in!

Oh, I do want to mention that there is a lovely hello kitty cafe in this area! You will have to walk up the stairs but it is so nicely decorated. Pink, pink and more pink. The way I like it!
I got the Green Tea Latte and it was absolute perfection. I never had one before and it was just perfect. 

You can watch my Seoul travel diary here: