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Monday, July 20, 2015

My Top 10 K-drama list

Old but good:

1. My Girl 
2. Boys over Flowers

3. Full House

4. Stairway to Heaven.

This was the first k-drama I watched. I literally cried the whole first episode. It's just so sad but weird.. but then good! I don't think any streaming sites have it up right now but you might be able to buy the whole series on ebay or something..

5. Goddess of Fire. This is a historical drama and I am going to admit I am a big Moon Geun‑young fan, I have watched almost all her drama's. And I really feel like I watched her grow up from "Autumn in my Heart." Her tears just drop like it is nothing. I also loved her in Cinderella Sister, Mary stayed out all night and Cheongdam dong Alice. But to pick one, it would be Goddess of Fire.
6. Rooftop Prince. This drama  is a historical/modern story. I am usually not a big fan of that situation but I think they had a good balance of both so it wasn't too awkward or weird. I really love the story and the soundtrack.

New and Current
7. Rosy Lovers.
8.Who are you: School 2015
9.Girl who can see smells. This is a whole new concept as you can tell by the title. It is a mix of romance/ mystery. I really hate drama's that are heavy in the police department. I don't know why but I just do. This drama doesn't put me off because its more investigative and the humor and drama overrides the police-ness. If that makes sense.. lol
On actors notes, I really think Shin Se-Kyung improved her acting. Or maybe she just got better roles because I really didn't like her in 'When a man loves." I didn't finish that drama. And I just love the combo on Yoochun and Se-Kyung. I think they have a really good chemistry on film and I am secretly hoping they end up together!
10. Come! Jang Bo Ri

Let me know what you favorites are~ See you next time~